What to Do After You Buy a New or Used Car?

Used cars FlorissantSo, you’ve bought your first car. Buying a new or used car comes with a fragment of responsibility. From the monthly car note, liability coverage to the vehicle’s maintenance, here’s a briefing for the first time car buyer.

Missouri Used Cars Dealer’s First Time Car Buyer’s Owner Advice

Paying the monthly car note is not the only responsibility of owning a car. A new or used car needs special care.  Consider these recommendations.

1) Read the vehicle owner’s manual, as soon as possible. Manufacturers provide an overview of how to properly maintain the vehicle, feature settings, and other details regarding the automobiles performance.

2) Each month, check your (more…)

The Most Reliable Used Cars on Sale

most reliable used cars

Road test and buy the most reliable used cars at Missouri used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Missouri Used Car Dealer Features Quality Preowned Vehicles

In terms of evaluating the most reliable used cars on the market, autos should be assessed by category.

Because it would be inequitable to compare a 2012 Lexus to a 2012 Ford Fiesta,  vehicles should be compared according to body style, size and class.

Some auto reviews even evaluate the most reliable used cars (more…)

Could You See Yourself Any of These Best Used Cars 2013?

best used car of 2013

Cross Keys Auto sells the best used cars in St. Louis

Some auto buyers shop for used cars, based on years. Auto manufacturers experience innovation in some years more than others.

At a dealership renowned for selling high demand, used cars in St Louis, these 2013 vehicles standout.

Some of the Best Used Cars of 2013 at Used Cars St. Louis Dealer

The 2013 Nissan Sentra tops the list of best used cars of 2103 for many reasons.
The stylish preowned sedan navigates on good performance. Most notable for its remarkable fuel economy, 30 in the city, 39 on the highway and a combine 34, this vehicle’s maintenance (more…)

Life and Times in West Florissant + Ferguson MO

Florissant Auto Dealer: Mark Your Calendars

As Ferguson and West Florissant Missouri endeavor to recover over the social unrest of 2014,  some business owners are trying to figure out how to bring back the customers. For Red’s BBQ, it won’t be opened for business, as usual. Instead the owner has decided to close its restaurant, due to growing debt and a lack of customer traffic, according to sources at KMOV.

However, some businesses are banning together to rebuild the city, affected by vandalism and economic blight following. Meanwhile, RedTheBBQMan remains on its customer’s minds, with one a loyal customer asking about a fund to help donate to reopening the restaurant.

City of Florissant Inspires Good Health with Fun Activities

The City of Florissant welcomes all residents (of all ages) for its last call Resident Appreciation Skate event on February 16. Local citizens are welcomed to invite neighbors and friends for a few hours of fun at the rink. A valid Florissant identification card (more…)

Six Untruths on Used Cars’ Parts and Features

Cross Keys Auto, a preferred Missouri used cars dealer reveals truths about used cars parts.

Cross Keys Auto, a preferred Missouri used cars dealer reveals truths about used cars parts.

Missouri Used  Car Dealer Exposes 6 Fallacies on Preowned Vehicles

  • UNTRUTH: Good fuel economy always means compromising horsepower and peppiness.

Some used cars afford decent fuel economy and horsepower. Cross Keys Auto, a preferred source for Missouri used cars,  sells quality preowned vehicle with remarkable fuel economy and horsepower, such as the pre-owned 2012-Volvo-S60-T5 (as featured in the photo on the right)  used Dodge Chargers and several other previously owned automobiles.

  • UNTRUTH: In Missouri;Lemon Laws protect consumers in both new and used vehicle sales transactions.

Missouri Lemon Law is applicable to new vehicle purchases only
In Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s guide on “All About Autos,” the (more…)