Tire Intelligence: Why Maintenance Matters?

Used Cars  St. Louis Offers Tire Care + Maintenance Tips

“Tires are one component of a used car that car buyers should investigate during the test drive,” reveals a sales consultant of the leading used cars St. Louis dealership, Cross Keys Auto.

Tire care and maintenance

“Tire maintenance matters when it comes to complementing your vehicles safety and fuel efficiency,” vehicle specialist from the preferred used cars St. Louis dealer.

Reasons why tire care and maintenance matters and what to do?
Safety, fuel economy as well as vehicle wear and tear are three really good reasons to maintain a vehicle’s tires. Improperly inflated tires can lead to a flat tire, blowout and/or worn treads.

FACTOID: Some of the inventory at the dealership associated with quality used cars St. Louis County and St. Charles County) are engineered with built-in tire gauges, monitoring improper inflation and tread wear.

Accident statistics reported by the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) shows an estimated 200 people perish due to tire-related crashes.

“Keep your vehicle’s tire’s inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many tire companies embed a tire’s proper inflation on the tire, exterior side.

If you want to protect your car investment, practice good tire maintenance,” recommends a mechanic at the premier dealer for used cars in St. Louis’ greater metropolitan area.

Used cars St. Louis

Come kick the tires on our inventory of quality used cars St. Louis.

Pump up gas mileage.
Fuel economy data documents that drivers improve gas mileage by 11 cents with proper tire inflation.

If you’re shopping for a used cars St. Louis or wherever, always inspect tires for tread wear before finalizing your shopping decision.

Maximize shelf life.
Moreover, properly inflated tires tends to promote longevity–by an estimated 4,700 miles.

Rotate regularly.
As a result, rotating tires is another bi-annual maintenance necessity.

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7-Steps to Evaluating a Good Used Car

Used Cars St. Louis Dealer: How to Compare a Good Used Car Buy

Shopping for a used car does not have to be an overwhelming process. With a specific body style in mind and a set budget, used car shopping can be a fulfilling experience. Use this shortlist to evaluate whether a used car suits your driving requirements.

used cars St. Louis

Cross Keys Auto sells preowned coupes, sedans, compacts, trucks, SUVS and other quality used cars St. Louis, MO.

In a recent car buyer poll, published by the National Automobile Dealer’s Association found that more than 50 percent of consumers deem car buying a daunting experience. Another

1) Check the vehicle’s safety rating.
Because safety reigns at the top of the auto buying priority list, review vehicle safety ratings  at the U.S. National “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Note that high demand automobiles undergo the NHTSA’s crash testing, while automobiles with smaller sales units are not always tested by the NHTSA.

At Cross Keys Autos, every used car for sale highlights the most pertinent details, including   (more…)

How to Road Test Used Cars

10 Steps to a Good Test Drive by Trusted Dealer of used cars in Florissant 

how-to-test-drive“Auto buyers should be attentive during the road test and shopping process,” shares a sales consultant at Cross Keys Auto, a dealership known for selling the top used cars in Florissant.

8 Steps to Evaluating a Car Before + After the Test Drive

1) Prior to the test drive, access resources at SaferCar.gov and the National Automotive Dealer’s Association (NADA) for the latest research and reviews.

2) Read the vehicle’s history report. Pay particular attention to the odometer report, and any previous accidents and any recalls.

Test drive used cars

Compare the mileage on the vehicle report to the odometer,” advises a vehicle specialist at the used cars in Florissant dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

FYI: CarFax is renowned for providing accurate vehicle history reports.

3) On the day of the test drive, make note of the vehicle’s body. Are there any signs of corrosion? Rust suggests that an automobile may have been been exposed to a flood.
In the car, make note of any smells associated with mold.


4) Behind the wheel, fine-tune the seat to accommodate comfort, and promote rear road visibility. Inspect any features embedded in the steering wheel, such as the audio settings, Bluetooth, and cruise control buttons.

5) Check temperature settings to ensure that the air conditioner and heating system work.

6) During the road test, make note of how the car handles. Although road noise is common on most cars, listen for any worrisome noises. Clicking, knocking and whining sounds are usually symptomatic of a problem.

Always test drive the safety features like traction controls , and stability control systems, and anti-locking brake systems (ABS)

Always test drive the safety features like traction controls , and stability control systems, and anti-locking brake systems (ABS)

7) Assess the safety equipment. Anti-locking brake systems (ABS), traction controls , and stability control systems became standardized features in 2011. On slight turns test these features, by pressing the brakes to experience the used car’s performance.

8) Inspect the extras, such as the sunroof, keyless ignition, power windows and other convenient features to make sure they work properly.

9)After the road test, look underneath the vehicle for any signs leakage. A

10) If the test drive goes well, then evaluate the and passenger cargo space.

“Put these used cars in Florissant through a road test.”

St. Louis Used Car Dealer Reveals Facts on Customer Complaints

Yelp, the Yellow Pages and other consumer review sites are not the only approach to evaluating an ethical used car dealer from an unsavory one.  Cross Keys Auto, a St. Louis used car dealer reveals how to evaluate the trustworthiness of a dealer. Refer to these consumer review facts:

Fake consumer reviews…
Illicit used car dealers and other companies have been known to hire reviewers to post false information in an effort to  cripple competition, reveals a sales consultant familiar with the practice. According to Bloomberg BNA, a lawsuit between a defendant and Yelp portends the illicit practice of posting false reviews. Be leery of  online consumer complaints, unless there is an obvious pattern of unethical customer service.

Where to find consumer reviews?
Satisfied consumer reviews rarely end up on sites such as Yelp and Yellow Pages, because content customers are too busy enjoying their used car. Positive consumer reviews are generally posted on a St. Louis used car dealer’s website or social media page.

Statewide Complaints
Does the company have an overwhelming number of unresolved customer complaints with the Missouri Attorney General’s office? If so, this is generally a sign of an illicit used auto dealer. Note that in the state of Missouri, it is illegal for all dealerships, including St. Louis used car dealers to sell salvaged vehicles.

The inventory.

As rudimentary as it may seem, a used car dealership’s (more…)

What’s Trending in Fuel Economy News?

St. Louis Used Car Dealer Unveils Auto Gas Mileage Myths +Headlines

“There are so many misconceptions about gas mileage and fuel economy. Some of these myths affect the car buying decision,” reveals a vehicle specialist at St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Most fuel efficient  vehicles of 2014 are…
The most fuel efficient vehicles, according to FuelEconomy.gov are the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV (combined 119 , city 128, highway 109), 2014 Honda Fit EV (combined 118, city 132/highway 105), Fiat 500e (combined 116, city 122/highway 108), 2014 Nissan Leaf (combined 114, city 126/highway 101) and 2014 smart fortwo EV cabriolet (combined 107, city 122/highway 93).


At St. Louis used car dealer, this preowned 2012 Toyota Yaris boast 35 MPG on the highway


Test drive this vehicle known for its 41 MPG fuel economy at St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.


The EPA deems the 2012 Dodge Caravan as the most fuel efficient vehicle of its make and model. (Used Dodge car is for sale at St. Louis used cars dealer.

At St Louis Used Car Dealer, Cross Keys Auto Sales, these preowned vehicles (Toyota Yaris, ForTwo Pure and the Dodge Caravan are trending for their fuel economy on the highway.

All-time most fuel efficient automobiles…
The “top five shared vehicles with combined MPG estimates from 1984 to now,” here are the automobiles at the helm of the list: 2011-2012, Chevrolet Volt Model Years (user average 157.8), 2013 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid Model, 2012-2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Model Years (Averaging 75.6) 2004-2006 Honda Insight Model Years (averaging 71.5), 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid.

MYTH: It’s better to let a car run idly than to turn on and off the engine.
In reality an idling engine expends a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour, depending on the size of an automobile’s engine size — ranging between 1 to 2 cents a minute. However, it is unnecessary to turn on and off the ignition engine too frequently as it burns out the starter.

MYTH: Older automobiles lose fuel economy.
“Many auto consumers are under the misconception that older cars are gas guzzlers. But, vehicles that maintain oil changes and other scheduled tune ups and fluid replacements retain efficiency for several years,” claims the manager of the used car dealer in St. Louis. The

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests vehicles with approximately 5,000 miles on the odometer and cars with more than 10 years and older do not show much of a loss in fuel efficiency, unless the car is improperly cared for.

MYTH: It’s better to buy a new or used car with a manual transmission.
Today’s automatic transmissions provide the same fuel economy or even better than a car with a manual transmission. Car buyers access fuel economy comparisons of vehicles available in both automatic and manual transmissions, at .

MYTH: Only small sized vehicles are fuel efficient.
On the contrary, standard-sized vehicles are being designed with fuel efficient features, such as diesel engines, low rolling resistance tires, turbocharging, direct fuel injection, advanced transmissions, and other advanced technologies.

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