Used Car Florissant Dealer: How to Winterize an Auto

Used cars Florissant“We have many customers ask, how to winterize a car; and, what’s involved in a tune up. So, we’re highlighting the basics in auto repairs and vehicle replacements,” claims a spokesperson at Cross Keys Auto, a preferred dealership for used cars Florissant.

Tune ups are subjective, depending on the automobile’s engineering  For instance, automobiles manufactured over the last half decade, operate using a non-adjustable computer control system. So, the tune up would include an air filter replacement, new plugs and perhaps a fuel injectors fluid flush.

When is a used car upgrade necessary?

how to winterize car

How to winterize car: Test tire treads, placing a penny between the treads. If a part of Mr. Lincoln’s head is buried in the treads, the tires are fine.

“If your car note is paid off; and you’re facing more than $1000 in auto repairs, consider (more…)

Top Selling Used Crossovers SUVs For Sale @ Cross Keys Auto

Among all dealerships, selling used cars in St. LouisCross Keys Auto’s inventory shows some of the best used crossover SUVS for sale. These preowned vehicles include used crossovers, SUVs, engineered by top name manufacturers (i.e. Ford, Buick, Mercedes).At Cross Keys Autos, a popular source for used cars in St. Louis, is selling some of the the best used crossovers, SUVs and fuel economy vehicles. Many of these top sellers are used crossovers and SUVs with outstanding fuel economy. The selection spans seven years in auto production from 2007 through 2014.

“We chose sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and crossovers, based on price, fuel economy and the automobile’s overall driving performance,” attests a vehicle specialist from the dealer renowned for selling the best used crossovers and SUVs for sale.


High Demand Crossovers SUVs, and other Used Cars in St. Louis

Crossovers and full sized SUVs are the only way some Missourians can roll to accommodate family, church groups and friends. Fortunately, Cross Keys Auto is fulfilling that demand with (more…)

5-Driving Habits Bound to Promote Road Safety

St. Louis Used Car Dealers: Advice on How to Drive Safe

 St Louis used cars dealers

One of St Louis used cars dealers offers tactics on how to drive safe

“Your driving record influences your credit rating and car insurance premiums. Auto insurance providers set rates according to a motorist’s driving record (moving violations and accidents),” declares the auto finance manager of  Cross Keys, one of the preferred St. Louis used cars dealers. A look at traffic crashes statistics in Missouri portrays a compelling story. The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s driving statistics suggest that most accidents are avoidable.

Auto Accidents Statistics in Missouri

  • Auto accidents accounted for 826 deaths in 2012.
  • A third of the vehicle fatalities in 2012 were due to alcohol.
  • More than two-thirds of the accidents occurred on dry pavement during daylight hours.
  • Only 13 percent of the accidents occurred during inclement weather (fog, hail, rain, snow, and icy roads).
  • Auto accidents on rainy days accounted for 186 crashes. In contrast, 531 fatal crashes in Missouri happened during clear days (2012).

Focus, focus, focus.
Based on the aforementioned statistics, accidents are avoidable when all motorists are paying attention. Texting, (more…)

Used Car Dealer Offers Auto Buying Tips for a Birthday

How to Give a Used Car as a Birthday Gift?


2014 Dodge Charge SRT on sale at St. Louis used car dealer.

While giving someone a used car as a birthday gift is an opportunity to wow the recipient and friends, it’s not the easiest present to give. Even if the used car is for a person , who just tuned legal driving age, the purchase calls for great consideration. A sales consultant of the St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto highlights these used car birthday giving ideas.

Used Car Birthday Buy Ideas

Aside from the price here’s what to consider in a birthday gift,

  • Age appropriate automobile.

Vehicles such as the Dodge Charger,  Ford Mustang and other vehicles with high horsepower are inappropriate for the adolescent driver, who just received his or her driver’s license.

Buying a Used Automobile for a Novice Driver

When buying for the novice car driver, consider vehicles with a horsepower of 200 or less. Consider vehicles known for reliability for young drivers, such as: a Honda, Toyota, Hyundai.


This like new used 2013-Chrysler-200-Limited accommodates the driver, who needs space and good fuel economy.

  • Purpose

Is the birthday recipient a student, commuter or (more…)

The Best Used Cars of 2013 @ Car Dealers St. Louis

Hundreds of 2013 preowned vehicles afford amazing used car prices at one of the premier car dealers St. Louis. Touting moderate mileage, one previous owner, remarkable used car prices, here’s a short list  of the best used cars of 2013 on sale at the  car dealers St. Louis’ showroom.


Compare used car prices on the 2013 Toyota Corolla L at Cross Keys, a preferred used cars dealer of St. Louis.

2013 Toyota Corolla
Highlights:  Suited for the perennial commuter, a small family or to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, around St. Louis, St. Charles, Florissant an other neighboring towns, this preowned 2013 Toyota Corolla expends 26 fuel mileage in the city.

The 2013 Toyota Corolla revs up its driving performance with a safety package including: stability control, traction control, 4-wheel ABS brakes, head airbags).

The drive: flaunts undervalued features, such as reliability, and unrivaled fuel economy priced under $18 K.


Be the last person to test drive this car before buying it at Cross Keys car dealers St. Louis.

Highlights:  Handsome speed is not the only noteworthy feature of the used 2013 Dodge Charger. In all practicality, this sporty used automobile  accommodates a group of four or five while maintaining good gas mileage via 292 horsepower on a V6 DOHC engine.

The drive.
To some owners, the 2013 Dodge Charger (more…)