Answers About Missouri Lemon Laws


This car is not a lemon but for sale at St. Louis  used car dealer.

This car is not a lemon but for sale at St. Louis
used car dealer.

St. Louis used car dealer fields answers, pertaining to the lemon laws of Missouri.

Are preowned vehicles covered under Missouri’s Lemon Law?

Missouri lemon laws do not cover previously owned automobiles. Only cars covered under warranty provisions are eligible for the terms of lemon laws in Missouri. As a result, new and leased automobiles generally fall under the qualifications of a lemon law dispute.

How does a new car owner or consumer, leasing a vehicle file the lemon law in Missouri?

Any unresolved auto defects and other vehicular problems should be filed with the automaker, in writing.

When does a new or leased vehicle meet the terms of the lemon law?
Auto owners and lessees are required by Missouri law to show proof that the auto car shop made at least four attempts to remedy a vehicle’s mechanical problems.

Any vehicle, covered under warranty that has been out of service for at least (more…)

Florissant MO: Holiday Events – Oct – Dec. 2015

Florissant MO events

“There’s no shortage of Saint Louis and Florissant events to plan,” says one Florissant car dealer.

Florissant MO registers a slew of events and happenings from the end of October until the end of December. Florissant car dealer, Cross Keys Auto highlights more than a dozen events in Florissant, MO and Saint Louis City.

Oct 28, 2015
A film premiere, documenting Florissant’s history happens on Oct. 28 (James J. Eagan Center at 7 PM). The five part series chronicles “Florissant’s Historic Treasures,” Although the film is debuting on the Oct.28, the city or Florissant will stream the video on their website.

(The documentary will stream live on the Florissant website.

To produce the historical film, the city of Florissant was awarded a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, the Landmark Historic District Commission.

October 31
A ghoulish, costume party is scheduled for Florissant MO residents on October 31. This free event welcomes Florissant residents.  Sponsored by the Florissant Parks and Recreation and the Florissant Police Explorers Unit, Florissant MO neighbors and kids (aged 12 and under) trick and treat with others at the John F. Kennedy Community Center. This Halloween bash  happens on Oct 31, 2015 6 PM – 8 PM.

Address: John F Kennedy Community Center | 315 Howdershell Rd | Florissant, MO 63031

Ballpark Village morphs into the destination for (more…)

FAQ on Buying Auto Insurance in Missouri

"Car insurance is a law in Missouri," states a manager of used car dealer in Florissant, MO.

“Car insurance is a law in Missouri,” states a manager of used car dealer in Florissant, MO.

“Our customers often ask us about the laws on insuring an automobile in Missouri. Even though, we renowned for selling the top rated vehicles, in St. Louis County, we know a little about vehicle insurance,” says a lending officer at one of the preferred used car dealers in Florissant MO.

  • Is auto insurance a legal requirement in Missouri?

The state of Missouri mandates that any person, who drives a car, has to maintain a liability coverage for injuries.

  • What are the minimum auto insurance requirements in Missouri?

Missouri licensed motorists have to carry a specified amount of liability: a minimum of $25,000 per person, at least $10,000 in property damage liability coverage and $50,000 per accident. The Missouri car insurance law is applicable to all residents (i.e. in St. Louis County, Florissant to Hazelwood.

In fact, the state of Missouri is now monitoring licensed drivers to ensure their liability insurance policies are current, imposing suspension of the vehicle’s registration and a potential suspended driver’s license,” warns a representative, who works with used car dealers in Florissant MO.

  • How do auto insurance companies calculate premiums?

Insurance companies take several factors into account; age, education level, income, employment, place of residence, credit score–to calculate insurance premiums.

  • Is there a one-size fits all, when it comes to buying auto insurance in Missouri?

No. Auto insurance agencies underwrite policies in 3-basic formats.

Collision coverage provides protection to the at fault driver.

Comprehensive coverage provides protection, in the event of a car jacking excluding automobile collision. Vehicle damage and auto theft are covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Meanwhile, property damage liability policy covers the damage to other drivers as well as the driver at fault’s insurance policy.

  • Should a car buyer investigate auto insurance premiums before buying a vehicle?

“Absolutely. The automobile with a higher collision theft rate generally accompanies greater premiums, These statistics also benefit the car buying research,” advises a sales associate, who has worked at a few used car dealers in Florissant MO and with several Missouri car insurance providers.

Car insurance resources: Visit sites such as the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety  (IIHS). The resource maintains a database of vehicles according to losses damages and accident statistics.

  • What’s the difference between a first party and a third party auto insurance policy?

With a first party auto insurance policy, the motorists losses are covered. While, a third party car policy only covers the motorist’s losses to property, driver(s), passengers and pedestrians. So an individual with a standard Missouri car insurance would not be responsible for the claims, caused by the other driver. Hence, the third party auto insurance policy would cover the property damage.

  • Do certain automobiles carry higher annual premiums?


Auto Care in Florissant: How to Prepare Your Care for Winter

used cars for sale in Missouri.

Prepare your car for winter in Missouri, Auto car tips by Florissant used car dealer.

Winter in Florissant, Missouri is no time for driving a malfunctioning car. All vehicles regardless of the car manufacturer (i.e. Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, etc.,) are susceptible to vehicle malfunctions.
in St. Louis County.

Whether you own a new or older vehicle, winter car maintenance helps navigate a car through the uncertainties of winter driving in Missouri.

A fall car inspection entails numerous checks and
replacements. Cross Keys Auto, an entrusted Florissant used car dealer–details which auto care services are vital in Missouri.

Hoses and Belts
Since, temperature sensitive hoses and belts (more…)

9 Tips on Child Safety in St. Louis County

How to protect your children from the hazards around them? Cross Keys, a top rated

used cars hazelwood

Parents in St. Louis County can help deter crime,” says a representative of a used car St. Louis sales center.

used car St. Louis Car dealer, which also serves as a safety advocate in St. Louis County, highlights nine ways to promote safety among children, aged, five through 18.

“Keeping kids safe is an ongoing pursuit from birth to at least 18 years of age,” emphasizes the Internet manager at the used car St. Louis sales center.

Whether it’s Florissant, St. Louis or any other U.S. city for that matter, child safety is a perpetual responsibility. From child abductions, violence, to teen aged distracted drivers, potential dangers haunt the children of St. Louis County.

Warn Kids about Stranger Danger

According to the St. Louis County Law and Public Safety Department, parents should set guidelines for their children’s interaction with strangers, neighbors and and other adults.

Beware of Your Child’s Whereabouts

Child abductions have been an on-going threat among certain communities in St. Louis County. Keep a watchful eye when children are at play, or whether shopping at Keller Plaza and other public places.

Preach Secure Cyber surfing.

The Internet has become a virtual space for predators to stalk children. Establish a household policy to enhance your child’s online safety.

According to the non-for-profit agency. (more…)