Six Untruths on Used Cars’ Parts and Features

Cross Keys Auto, a preferred Missouri used cars dealer reveals truths about used cars parts.

Cross Keys Auto, a preferred Missouri used cars dealer reveals truths about used cars parts.

Missouri Used  Car Dealer Exposes 6 Fallacies on Preowned Vehicles

  • UNTRUTH: Good fuel economy always means compromising horsepower and peppiness.

Some used cars afford decent fuel economy and horsepower. Cross Keys Auto, a preferred source for Missouri used cars,  sells quality preowned vehicle with remarkable fuel economy and horsepower, such as the pre-owned 2012-Volvo-S60-T5 (as featured in the photo on the right)  used Dodge Chargers and several other previously owned automobiles.

  • UNTRUTH: In Missouri;Lemon Laws protect consumers in both new and used vehicle sales transactions.

Missouri Lemon Law is applicable to new vehicle purchases only
In Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s guide on “All About Autos,” the (more…)

What to Know About Used Car Extended Warranties?

Used Cars St. Louis Dealership Exposes the Do’s and Don’ts

Are used car extended warranties a waste of money? When should an auto buyer consider a policy? What should consumers look for in an extended warranty?  Cross Keys Auto, a reputable used cars St Louis dealership offers five basic tips pertaining to used car extended warranties.

DON’T miss the fine print. Research the company, providing the extended warranty, reviewing the rating with A.M Best, Standard & Poor as well as the Attorney General’s office. Also make note of any repair exclusions.

Consumer Reports asserts that ‘automotive service plans sold by third party companies have been problematic for many customers.

An auto specialist at an established used cars St.Louis dealership notes, “Used car extended warranties normally exclude windshield wiper repairs, tire maintenance and replacement, mechanical problems caused by an automobile accident. Bottom line, peruse the policy before agreeing to any terms.

DO: consider an extended warranty if you’re looking to protect yourself from an unforeseen, expensive auto repair.

DON’T: sign any agreement for an extended warranty without (more…)

10-Best Winter Driving Tips in Missouri

Used Cars Hazelwood Dealer Tells What to Do and Not Do for Safe Winter Driving

used cars Hazelwood dealer

“Road testing preowned autos in the winter entails extra safe driving tips,” acknowledges used cars Hazelwood sales representative.

Winter driving is infamously associated with icy roads and more highway accidents. Because most Missouri motorists often forget how to navigate snowy, icy roads, Cross Keys Auto, a premier used cars Hazelwood dealer reviews these winter driving tips.

DO: Always check winter weather reports to assess road conditions.

DON’T: Ever leave piles of snow on the hood, roof or trunk of your car, as snow tends to blow, covering windshields and causing other visibility impairments.

DO: Allow plenty of time, especially on icy, unplowed roadways.

DO: Remove snow from back up cameras, sensors and backlights.

When road testing a new or used vehicle, remember to evaluate (more…)

How to Score a Great Deal on Your Next Used Car Buy?

Used Car Dealers Florissant: 4 Savvy Auto Buying Tips

car dealers Florissant MO

Check out these special prices available at Cross Keys car dealers Florissant.

“When it comes to saving money on a used car buy, it’s not so much what vehicle one buys, as it is where an auto buyer shops,” shares a veteran auto salesman at one of the most popular car dealers Florissant.

Used Car Prices Below the NADA
Auto consumers generally have an idea of what automobiles are within his or her budget. Finding a dealership with competitive used car pricing is the first step to securing the best used car buy. Shop at used car dealers, where the inventory is priced below the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA).

Factoid:  In the auto industry, the NADA (more…)

Preowned Infinitis for Sale Come with Benefits


Used Infinitis for sale come with easy financing at Cross Keys Auto.

preowned Infinitis for sale at

Schedule a test drive on preowned Infinitis for sale at Cross Keys Autos.

When it comes to buying a preowned vehicle with lasting value, used Infinitis garner substantial merit. The sedan affords the comforts of driving a luxury car for less. An incredible selection of preowned Infinitis are on sale at one of most beloved used cars Florissant dealerships, Cross Keys Auto.

Compare these preowned Infinitis prices to the used Lexus for sale  at the preferred used cars Florissant dealership.

Like take the 2011 Infiniti G25. This used Infiniti merges (more…)