Vehicle History Reports: Seven Vital Facts to Know?

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Vehicle reports are available on all the inventory at the sales center for used cars St. Louis.

Vehicle history reports reveal a short but insightful story about a preowned car’s background. Perusing an auto fact sheet ties with conducting a thorough road test. Cross Keys Auto, a dealership renowned for quality used cars St. Louis provides information every car buyer should know about vehicle history reports.

What is the relevance of a vehicle history report?
Vehicle history reports serve as an overview of a car’s maintenance, accidents, and number of owners.

1) Three major resources for obtaining a car’s history report…, and

Six Facts Vehicle Reports Don’t Include

When it comes to buying a preowned vehicle, history reports do not detail every single aspect of a car’s back ground. In example, vehicle reports:

  1. Do not always include the latest auto recalls.
  2. Are void of tire changes, and history.
  3. Do not always include every single owner.
  4. Are void of the car’s gas mileage history.
  5. Do not necessarily always document whether a vehicle was in a flood.
  6. Do not identify whether an automobile was kept in a garage.

However, certain auto reports may include oil change dates and mileage.

Auto buying Tip: If you suspect a car was previously involved in a flood, (more…)

Five Reasons to File an Auto Dealer Complaint in Missouri

used cars in Saint Louis MOWhen should car buyers file an auto dealer complaint in Missouri? What conduct is considered questionable during the auto buying process? The sales manager of a dealership,renowned for selling quality used cars in St. Louis Missouri highlights the most common forms of auto sales fraud in Missouri.

Used Car Odometer Fraud

To set higher used car prices, some illicit used cars   (more…)

How to Drive Through Unruly Road Conditions?

Missouri used cars cars

Give motorcyclists ample room on the road to stop,” says a Missouri used cars safety advocate of Cross Keys Auto.

Hazardous road conditions transpire, all year round, whether it’s summer or winter. What to do when driving in a tornado? How to navigate a flood? What is the best driving speed in a flash flood? What to do in the event of a blow-out? A leader in vehicle safety and Missouri used cars reviews how to cope through unruly road conditions.

Missouri Used Car Dealer: 7-Tactics to Manage Unruly Road Conditions

1) What to do when driving in a tornado?
Tornado season typically runs from March through June in Missouri. When driving and a tornado watch is in effect; or, a tornado is spotted, park the car immediately. Never park above or below a viaduct, near bleachers, water tanks, and any fixture that conducts electricity (i.e. electric pole, metal fences and other metal objects.

Take shelter in a low ditch. Protect you head from flying debris, by placing your arms or some form of protection over your head.

2) How to get around a truck or bus?
Drive with caution around trucks and buses, as theres cars are predisposed to sizable blind spots. Don’t drive too slowly in front of a truck or bus, as these oversized vehicles require additional time to stop.

Lesson on driving by a truck: If you can see the truck (more…)

Which Used Cars Appeal to Selective Motorists + Auto Buyers?

Picky motorists, in need of a vehicle that rolls with style and performance discover a trove of cars to test drive at Hazelwood auto dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Hazelwood Auto Dealer Itemizes Top Vehicles for Picky Car Buyers

From Audi to Volvo, some of the world’ s most sought after preowned vehicles happen to be on sale. Here’s a short list of the most sought after used cars for sale at Cross Keys Auto.

“Volvo’s branding to manufacture the safest car on the road continues to stand out in the automotive industry. And it remains evident in the vehicle’s production,” states an car salesman at Hazelwood auto dealer.

Hazelwood auto dealer,

Volvos, Audiis, and other luxury preowned cars are on sale at Hazelwood auto dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

When selective auto buyers require a luxury used car for sale, the features of this  barely used 2015 Volvo  S60 T5 Premier speak for itself. The preowned vehicle doubles as a status symbol. In addition to the Volvo’s smart looks and safety ratings, it also savors its fuel intake at a tune of 29 MPG on the highway.

Auto buyers requiring quality preowned vehicles prefer the inventory at Hazelwood auto dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

New and preowned Audis have captured the hearts of the affluent and wanna be rich. A 2010 Audi Q5 32 Premium-S-Line gushes with polished qualities packed into an SUV.  Twenty-three miles to (more…)

Mid May News Report in Missouri

St. Louis used car dealerMemorial Day, boating safety and auto safety represent the news season in Missouri. St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys imparts the latest news headlines, compiled from AAA, IIHS, as well as the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

AAA Forecasts Memorial Day Driving Climate

As some safety analysts deem Memorial Day weekend as the most dangerous time of the summer season, AAA estimates that some 33-million travelers will be on the road. Even though growing fuel costs are not predicted before the first summer holiday, some states are seeing gas costs increase by four-cents a week. Fuel prices continue to soar above $3.00 a gallon in California, Alaska, and Oregon.

In contrast, Missouri continues to show low fuel prices, an average of $2.39. AAA forecasts that gas prices will increase, given the recent incremental price spikes.

IIHS Designates Top Safety Cars

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) rates new and used vehicles based on crash tests, number of accidents and safety, technology features, (i.e. lane departure warning). A few 2015 small cars earned high safety grades. These include the Chevrolet Spark, Honda Fit, and Chevrolet Volt met the IIHS standards, especially from cars prevention technology. (more…)