Which Car Apps Bode Well for Auto Buyers and Owners?

Mobile application developers have been innovating every car app imaginable for auto shoppers to vehicle owners.Yet, when it comes to buying or obtaining an application, which ones are worth the complimentary download?

An auto dealership, renowned for selling quality used Cars in Florissant reveals some noteworthy points on these popular car apps. from m buying a preowned vehicle, obtaining the latest recall information to managing mileage.

Track the family.
Never lose track of a family member again. Logsat, an iPhone compatible car app enables family members to keep tabs of everyone’s whereabouts.

Car App Rules out Recalled Vehicles

With more than 32-million vehicle recalls issued over the last several years, car buyers require a car app that distinguishes the defects from quality preowned automobile.


RECALLS.gov is a mobile app with updated, details pertaining to vehicle makes and models manufactured with a defective part, requiring a recall.

Noteworthy: Review the terms of service and (more…)

Sizing Up Used Crossovers: Then + Now on Sale

used cars St. Louis.

Preowned crossovers on sale at used cars St. Louis, dealership, Cross Keys Auto.

Cross Keys Auto, a preferred source for used cars St. Louis, Missouri itemizes the size, fuel  economy and costs associated with owning a crossover.

Crossover’s Brief History In the Marketplace

The crossover auto body style chronicles more than a decade in the making, When automakers were in the original development stage of an alternative to the sports’ utility vehicle (SUV), the crossover was introduced to the U.S. auto marketplace with two objectives in mind: to maximize space and minimize fuel consumption.

Factoid: Crossovers and SUVS are often referred to as ‘cute utes.’

Body size + weight

Since the debut of the crossover, American, (more…)

Which Used Sedans for Sale Suit Your Driving Needs?

best used sedans

2014 Nissan Sentra drives great value as the best used sedans for sale at Cross Keys.

Previously owned cars fall in one of three categories: the best used sedans, luxury, and reliable used vehicles when it comes to shopping and comparing used sedans for sale.  Nissan, Buick, Ford and Audi include a short list of manufacturers renowned for designing some of the most popular used sedans on the road.

Missouri used car dealer highlights: the average price of a preowned sedan; how certain models earned their high rating; and, where to test drive some of the best used sedans in Missouri.

Average prices for a preowned sedan

Depending on the year, make and model, used sedans for sale are priced from $7 K to 30 K at a preferred used car Missouri sales center.

Most Coveted, Used Luxury Sedans

On the high end, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus dominate the field of used luxury sedans.A preowned 2008 Audi A6 happens to be a featured used luxury sedan for sale at the used cars Missouri dealership for several reasons:

  1. The luxury sedan effortlessly balances luxury with sporty driving.
  2. Sources at Edmunds.com report that the Audi S6 5.2-liter V10 engine is “based on the V10 found in the Audi-owned Lamborghini Gallardo exotic sports car.”
  3. For its used car price, the preowned 2008 Audi A6  happens to be one of the top deals in our lot.

“Test drive this luxury used sedan’s performance, spaciousness and affordable used car price in Missouri, at Cross Keys Auto.

Most Reliable Used Sedans

Since 2011, some 30+million auto recalls have contradicted the definition of “dependable cars’. Nonetheless, the list of “most reliable sedans,” covers a spectrum of auto manufused-luxury-sedansacturers. These include: Volvo, Nissan Altima, and Hyundai. These reliable used sedans were recognized by the IIHS and SaferCar.gov for


Preparing for an Auto Loan on Used Cars in Florissant

used cars in Florissant MO

Test drive quality used cars in Florissant, Missouri.

5Securing an auto loan in St. Louis County calls for four primary steps. A reputable auto dealer sheds light on securing an auto loan on sed Cars in florissant.

LGather your paperwork.

When applying for an auto loan, a financial officer will request copies of your paycheck, bank statements, and any other important information.

  • Investigate and understand your your borrowing power.

Lending institutions and banks approve auto loans, according to a consumer’s credit rating.

“Your credit score influences your borrowing power,” says an financial of an auto dealership, renowned for easy financing on used cars in Florissant.

Not every used car buyer has a credit score to boast about. But, it does not mean that a consumer will not be approved for a quality preowned vehicle. Most auto dealers (more…)

Vehicle History Reports: Seven Vital Facts to Know?

r used cars St. Louis.

Vehicle reports are available on all the inventory at the sales center for used cars St. Louis.

Vehicle history reports reveal a short but insightful story about a preowned car’s background. Perusing an auto fact sheet ties with conducting a thorough road test. Cross Keys Auto, a dealership renowned for quality used cars St. Louis provides information every car buyer should know about vehicle history reports.

What is the relevance of a vehicle history report?
Vehicle history reports serve as an overview of a car’s maintenance, accidents, and number of owners.

1) Three major resources for obtaining a car’s history report…
http://www.safercar.gov/vinlookup, CarFax.com and www.vehiclehistory.gov.

Six Facts Vehicle Reports Don’t Include

When it comes to buying a preowned vehicle, history reports do not detail every single aspect of a car’s back ground. In example, vehicle reports:

  1. Do not always include the latest auto recalls.
  2. Are void of tire changes, and history.
  3. Do not always include every single owner.
  4. Are void of the car’s gas mileage history.
  5. Do not necessarily always document whether a vehicle was in a flood.
  6. Do not identify whether an automobile was kept in a garage.

However, certain auto reports may include oil change dates and mileage.

Auto buying Tip: If you suspect a car was previously involved in a flood, (more…)