Facts to Know About the Volkswagen Recall

VW recall

As for performance, this 2012 Volkwagen Beetle has not been affected by the VW recall.

Used cars Florissant dealership, Cross Keys Auto reviews what every consumer should know about the VW recall.


Eleven million vehicles were implicated in the VW emission device recall. The German manufacturer has been found to test low emission, during testing.

7.3 B

A report published at Yahoo, indicates that solving the VW emission device would cost the auto maker approximately, $7.3 billion.

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For six years, 2009 through 2015 VW models were misrepresented as “clean diesel” automobiles.

The German auto maker has allegedly “deliberately circumvented U.S. EPA emissions” legislation by using a device designed to text low

Some six VW models, including the Beetle, (more…)

Matching Personalities to Used Cars For Sale

Florissant Missouri used cars

Automobiles for all personalities are on sale at Florissant MO, used cars sales center.

What Kind of Motorist/Auto Buyer Are You?

Preferred Florissant MO used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto presents five cars that could be appealing to the right auto buyer.


The Modern Motorist

The modern motorist require style, performance and fuel efficiency. The Mini Cooper combines the prerequisites. As recently emphasized in the company’s Super Bowl 50 ad for the Clubman, the MINI brand aims to attract all types of motorists, regardless of age, race or gender.

MINI Coopers generally appeal to closet perfectionists.

Suited for the modern motorist, who requires fuel, the compact body style accommodates urban maneuverability, merged with high performance engineering.

Care-free (Racer Wannabe)

Certain motorists have an addiction to speed. Fuel economy is secondary to this driver. Minimum horsepower eclipse the car buying requirement list. Used cars for sale, such as the Dodge (more…)

Details on the Tradition of St. Patrick’s Day in Saint Louis CIty

Refer to these notes on celebrating the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day in Saint Louis City.

What day is the 2016 St. Patrick’s Day parade in St. Louis City?

Festivities fall on March 12, five days before the official date of St. Patrick’s Day.

Where is the St. Patrick’s Day 2016 parade celebration in Saint Louis City?

Downtown Saint Louis City, at the intersections of 18th and Market Streets.

How many years has the event been a tradition in St. Louis?
Forty seven years.

Are any local churches celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Hibernians is.

What can others do, who do not want to stand around as the parade goes by?

Opt out, and head over to the St. Patrick Village at Kiener Plaza.

What’s happening before the St. Patrick Parade 2016 in St. Louis?

As usual the 38th Annual Michelob ULTRA St. Patrick’s Day Parade Run heads off the festivities before the St. Pat’s Day Parade, on March 12th.

The five-mile run at 9:00 a.m., precedes the parade, (on Broadway just south of the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark).

What time does the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016 start?

After the 5 K run, at about noon, the 47th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade proceeds through downtown St. Louis. Starting from 18th and (more…)

Events in St. Louis County: Feb 2016

News coverage features the latest headlines in St. Louis football; the City of Hazelwood, things to do in February 2016, and a used cars sales event in St. Louis County.

Saint Louis MO news

A new investigator, working for the city of Hazelwood, could be related to this guy.

St. Louis Loses NFL Team, While City of Hazelwood Scores a New Detective

The NFL game between the St. Louis Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers has left one city of St. Louis County with a new member of the police force.

With the Rams relocation to California, Missouri residents will have to adopt another NFL team or start following one of Missouri’s college football teams.

POLL QUESTION: Which football franchise will you follow if St. Louis does not get another NFL team?

Yet, not all was a total loss in the 2015 -2016 season. While St. Louis County will become NFL-less, the city of Hazelwood is getting new member in their police department’s K-9 unit. Thanks to former NFL adversary and grantor, Ben Roethlisberger‘s  Giving Back Foundation, the City of Hazelwood is the grantee of a new K-9. (Mr. Roethlisberger’s Giving Back Foundation provides K-9 units to fire and police departments, in cities where the Steelers play during the NFL season).

City of Hazelwood was the second grant recipient of the 2015-2016 season to Ben Roethlisberger, Giving Back Foundation.

Replacing the late Chaiver, K-9 Freddy DSN #474, was born in Germany on March 13, 2013; and has large paws to fill. His predecessor confiscated $5 million in U.S. currency 235 apprehensions, drug seizures and illegal firearms. Chaiver was also instrumental in solving one of the largest heroin finds in the St. Louis area in 2010.

Factoid: Hazelwood is one of the highest populated cities in St. Louis County with some 27,000 residents and more than 1,000 businesses.

Mardi Gras in St. Louis City

Beads, big floats, bands, costumes and beer are the ingredients for this years Mardi Gras Bud Light Block Party. Starting from Busch Stadium and meandering to the brewery, the Mardi Gras parade kicks off at 11 AM on February 6, 2016.

Later the Mardi Gras festivities continue at  1:30 PM  (more…)

5-Items to Review on Used Crossovers and SUVs for Sale

Missouri used car

Used crossovers and SUVs range in price at Missouri used cars dealer.

Smart looks, remarkable fuel economy and a budget friendly price are not the only criteria to buying the best used crossovers and SUVs for sale. Five line items encompass valuable the criteria in evaluating SUVs and  crossovers.

Used Crossovers and SUVs Weight

A comparison of new or used crossovers and SUVs suggests that weight, length and wheelbase influence safety. Many SUVs weighing between 4,000 and 4,500 pounds accompanied by a wheelbase of 111 inches, earned  higher  safety grades from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS).

The Honda Pilot, Nissan Murano and Acura MDX exemplify used crossovers and SUVs, earning IIHS on the high safety list. The used crossovers and SUVs are on sale at many Missouri used car dealers.

A Crossover with 3rd Row Seating/Cargo Space

To enhance safety a used crossover and SUV’s wheelbase should be at least (more…)