The Sound of Artificial Car Noise

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St. Louis Auto Dealership’s Car Talk: Auto Noise

Not all auto noises portend engine troubles. These days, manufacturers are going the extra mile to produce vehicles with powerful sounding engines. Some  new and used cars arrive off the assembly line, purring, growling and roaring like a  NASCAR race car. The concept behind the design is to enhance the driving experience.

Yet among car buyers and purists alike, the controversy of assimilated vehicle noise rages on.

According to sources at the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro ILS renders the following decibels in the various modes:

  • Full Throttle: 88.1 Db
  • Idle: 60.2Db
  • 70 mph Cruise: 74.0 Db
    70 with top open: Db

“Some motorists find the quietude of the Toyota Prius too silent. But, auto buyers should focus on noises, which portend a mechanical issue. For instance, a clunking noise on turns is generally caused by the intermediate steering shaft, share a mechanic of the St. Louis Auto dealership, Cross Keys Auto.


4-Used Cars for Sale in Missouri That Gush with Luxury

Four Affordable Used Cars Exuding Luxury Qualities

“You don’t have to spend thousands to drive a vehicle with luxury features. Some of our used cars for sale in Missouri have the same features as those of an Audi, BMW or Lexus, only  minus thousands of dollars.

A slew of affordable quality used cars with luxurious amenities are on sale at Cross Keys Auto.

“While we have tens of hundreds of like new used vehicles, we’re previewing our most recent arrivals. Here’s our feature line up:”

Preview These Used Cars for Sale in Missouri

Used Volkswagen

This 2013 Volkswagen Beetle 2SL rolls like a luxury car. When one adds up the features already packaged into the mighty vehicle, it stands out among other used cars for sale in Missouri. There’s Bluetooth, heated windshield washer jets, a video monitor in the front row, a sunroof and a host of other convenient equipment.

Used Volvo
Although Volvo verges between a luxury (more…)

St. Louis Used Cars Dealer Recognizes Red Cross Month

Photo Courtesy: Red Cross

Photo Courtesy: Red Cross

March is Red Cross Awareness Month. Red Cross has been a beacon of relief in many historical disasters. From hurricanes, tornadoes, floods to other natural disasters Red Cross serves as a support system for those in crisis.

A spokesperson of  a preferred St. Louis used cars dealership says: “We believe in giving to vital charitable causes. Some of our  employees are recognizing Red Cross Month by giving blood, volunteering, or making a donation. We’re making our customers and associates aware of Red Cross Month by providing a few facts about the organization.”

Red Cross Month History

“I request that during that month (March) our people rededicate themselves to the splendid aims and activities of the Red Cross, President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated March as Red Cross Month in 1943.Every year,  the Red Cross educates almost 10 million people emergency skills, such as CPR. Emergency classes are ongoing all year round in St. Louis and towns.

Other Facts on Red Cross

  • The Red Cross is a worldwide non-for-profit organization, operating in 187 countries.
  • For every dollar the Red Cross receives in donations,  the foundation invests more than three fourths in humanitarian services and programs.
  • The Red Cross’ depends on donations and volunteers to fulfill philanthropic missions around the world.


What to Do After You Buy a New or Used Car?

Used cars FlorissantSo, you’ve bought your first car. Buying a new or used car comes with a fragment of responsibility. From the monthly car note, liability coverage to the vehicle’s maintenance, here’s a briefing for the first time car buyer.

Missouri Used Cars Dealer’s First Time Car Buyer’s Owner Advice

Paying the monthly car note is not the only responsibility of owning a car. A new or used car needs special care.  Consider these recommendations.

1) Read the vehicle owner’s manual, as soon as possible. Manufacturers provide an overview of how to properly maintain the vehicle, feature settings, and other details regarding the automobiles performance.

2) Each month, check your (more…)

The Most Reliable Used Cars on Sale

most reliable used cars

Road test and buy the most reliable used cars at Missouri used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Missouri Used Car Dealer Features Quality Preowned Vehicles

In terms of evaluating the most reliable used cars on the market, autos should be assessed by category.

Because it would be inequitable to compare a 2012 Lexus to a 2012 Ford Fiesta,  vehicles should be compared according to body style, size and class.

Some auto reviews even evaluate the most reliable used cars (more…)