Auto News: Motor Accidents and Safety Gear

Cross Keys Auto, a highly reputable Missouri used cars dealer cites safety statistics and auto news, as reported by the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Missouri vehicle accident

Graph Source: Missouri State HIghway Patrol

Auto News Driving Statistics + Facts

Motorists driving statistics…
There are an estimated 210 licensed drivers in America.

Real roadway killers
Alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances accounted for a third of the fatal crashes in Missouri in 2012 and 2013.

One out of two motorists does this…
An estimated 50 percent of drivers accept phones calls while driving.

Popular time to gab on the phone…
During daylight hours, some 660,000 motorists are conversing on a cell phone while driving. at any one time.

When it does not take two…
Almost 60 percent of the fatal (more…)

Consumer IQ: How to Skirt Used Car Buyer’s Remorse

Used Cars St. Louis Dealer Prescribes 7-Steps to Happy Car Buying used cars in St. Louis

An awesome iinventory, affordable prices, and fuel economy are common on most of the used cars St. Louis Cross Keys Auto.

“An informed used car buyer is a happy customer” is the motto  at one popular dealership for  used cars St. Louis. Cross Keys Auto Sales highlights 10 facts to evaluate to skirt car buyer’s remorse.

1) Weigh the vehicle’s pros and cons (i.e. fuel economy, potential recalls, safety ratings, etc).

2) Next, during the test drive, make note of how the automobile performs on turns, hills, during acceleration, abrupt braking, reverse movement and other common driving maneuvers. 

3) Peruse the vehicle report to reaffirm the car’s history. Also, use the time to review the vehicle’s buyer’s guide.

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC)  mandates that  dealers (more…)

These Used Cars for Sale Commute Notable Gas Mileage

used cars in St. Louis,

A 2006 Audi A4 is one of many used cars in St. Louis,


2006 Audi A-4 drives good gas mileage

Affordably priced, this 2006 Audi A4 2.0T commutes 30 miles on the highway, AWD Sedan (4 Door). An 8-way power adjustable seat allows motorists to fine tune his or her comfort. For effortless road travel, cruise control, air conditioning with a dual zone climate control for the driver and passenger, and audio settings embedded in the steering wheel uphold coziness.

Factoid: In St. Louis, St. Charles and other cities, this used 2006 Audi A-4 boasts 22 MPG.

This preowned 2012 Volkswagen Passat 2.5 L SE accommodates the sales executive or business professional, who spends at least  an hour, commuting to or from work. With bluetooth technology, some motorists may man conference calls on the road.

Used cars in St. Louis 2013 Kia

Used cars in St. Louis 2013 Kia LX.

2013-Kia-Optima-LX sips gas like a camel drinks water.

2013-Kia-Optima-LX sips gas like a camel drinks water.


Tire Intelligence: Why Maintenance Matters?

Used Cars  St. Louis Offers Tire Care + Maintenance Tips

“Tires are one component of a used car that car buyers should investigate during the test drive,” reveals a sales consultant of the leading used cars St. Louis dealership, Cross Keys Auto.

Tire care and maintenance

“Tire maintenance matters when it comes to complementing your vehicles safety and fuel efficiency,” vehicle specialist from the preferred used cars St. Louis dealer.

Reasons why tire care and maintenance matters and what to do?
Safety, fuel economy as well as vehicle wear and tear are three really good reasons to maintain a vehicle’s tires. Improperly inflated tires can lead to a flat tire, blowout and/or worn treads.

FACTOID: Some of the inventory at the dealership associated with quality used cars St. Louis County and St. Charles County) are engineered with built-in tire gauges, monitoring improper inflation and tread wear.

Accident statistics reported by the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) shows an estimated 200 people perish due to tire-related crashes.

“Keep your vehicle’s tire’s inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many tire companies embed a tire’s proper inflation on the tire, exterior side.

If you want to protect your car investment, practice good tire maintenance,” recommends a mechanic at the premier dealer for used cars in St. Louis’ greater metropolitan area.

Used cars St. Louis

Come kick the tires on our inventory of quality used cars St. Louis.

Pump up gas mileage.
Fuel economy data documents that drivers improve gas mileage by 11 cents with proper tire inflation.

If you’re shopping for a used cars St. Louis or wherever, always inspect tires for tread wear before finalizing your shopping decision.

Maximize shelf life.
Moreover, properly inflated tires tends to promote longevity–by an estimated 4,700 miles.

Rotate regularly.
As a result, rotating tires is another bi-annual maintenance necessity.

Come kick the tires at Cross Keys Autos for the best inventory of used cars St. Louis  County <<here.

7-Steps to Evaluating a Good Used Car

Used Cars St. Louis Dealer: How to Compare a Good Used Car Buy

Shopping for a used car does not have to be an overwhelming process. With a specific body style in mind and a set budget, used car shopping can be a fulfilling experience. Use this shortlist to evaluate whether a used car suits your driving requirements.

used cars St. Louis

Cross Keys Auto sells preowned coupes, sedans, compacts, trucks, SUVS and other quality used cars St. Louis, MO.

In a recent car buyer poll, published by the National Automobile Dealer’s Association found that more than 50 percent of consumers deem car buying a daunting experience. Another

1) Check the vehicle’s safety rating.
Because safety reigns at the top of the auto buying priority list, review vehicle safety ratings  at the U.S. National “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Note that high demand automobiles undergo the NHTSA’s crash testing, while automobiles with smaller sales units are not always tested by the NHTSA.

At Cross Keys Autos, every used car for sale highlights the most pertinent details, including   (more…)