What’s Trending in Fuel Economy News?

St. Louis Used Car Dealer Unveils Auto Gas Mileage Myths +Headlines

“There are so many misconceptions about gas mileage and fuel economy. Some of these myths affect the car buying decision,” reveals a vehicle specialist at St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Most fuel efficient  vehicles of 2014 are…
The most fuel efficient vehicles, according to FuelEconomy.gov are the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV (combined 119 , city 128, highway 109), 2014 Honda Fit EV (combined 118, city 132/highway 105), Fiat 500e (combined 116, city 122/highway 108), 2014 Nissan Leaf (combined 114, city 126/highway 101) and 2014 smart fortwo EV cabriolet (combined 107, city 122/highway 93).


At St. Louis used car dealer, this preowned 2012 Toyota Yaris boast 35 MPG on the highway


Test drive this vehicle known for its 41 MPG fuel economy at St. Louis used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.


The EPA deems the 2012 Dodge Caravan as the most fuel efficient vehicle of its make and model. (Used Dodge car is for sale at St. Louis used cars dealer.

At St Louis Used Car Dealer, Cross Keys Auto Sales, these preowned vehicles (Toyota Yaris, ForTwo Pure and the Dodge Caravan are trending for their fuel economy on the highway.

All-time most fuel efficient automobiles…
The “top five shared vehicles with combined MPG estimates from 1984 to now,” here are the automobiles at the helm of the list: 2011-2012, Chevrolet Volt Model Years (user average 157.8), 2013 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid Model, 2012-2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Model Years (Averaging 75.6) 2004-2006 Honda Insight Model Years (averaging 71.5), 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid.

MYTH: It’s better to let a car run idly than to turn on and off the engine.
In reality an idling engine expends a quarter to a half gallon of fuel per hour, depending on the size of an automobile’s engine size — ranging between 1 to 2 cents a minute. However, it is unnecessary to turn on and off the ignition engine too frequently as it burns out the starter.

MYTH: Older automobiles lose fuel economy.
“Many auto consumers are under the misconception that older cars are gas guzzlers. But, vehicles that maintain oil changes and other scheduled tune ups and fluid replacements retain efficiency for several years,” claims the manager of the used car dealer in St. Louis. The

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests vehicles with approximately 5,000 miles on the odometer and cars with more than 10 years and older do not show much of a loss in fuel efficiency, unless the car is improperly cared for.

MYTH: It’s better to buy a new or used car with a manual transmission.
Today’s automatic transmissions provide the same fuel economy or even better than a car with a manual transmission. Car buyers access fuel economy comparisons of vehicles available in both automatic and manual transmissions, at .

MYTH: Only small sized vehicles are fuel efficient.
On the contrary, standard-sized vehicles are being designed with fuel efficient features, such as diesel engines, low rolling resistance tires, turbocharging, direct fuel injection, advanced transmissions, and other advanced technologies.

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Used Cars Florissant Has Deals on Luxury Used Cars For Sale

used cars Florissant luxury used carss

Among luxury used cars for sale at Cross Keys, a preowned 2010 Audi A4 20T-Premium symbolizes a first class vehicle.

At the used cars Florissant dealership, luxury used cars for sale are in ample supply at amazing prices. Cross Keys Auto tries to invest in the most wanted top brands, such as BMW, Audi to Mercedes and Lexus to name a few.  Currently, these luxury used cars for sale are accessible via the used cars Florissant website.

Among luxury used cars for sale at Cross Keys Auto, a preowned 2010 Audi A4 20T-Premium symbolizes a first class vehicle. Boasting 27 miles to the gallon on the highway, a video monitor, sunroof and slew of extras–make this the top auto buy of the week.

Dozens upon dozens of used BMWs are currently available at used cars Florissant dealership, Cross Keys Auto. Starting at used car prices as low as $12,995. several 2011 BMW 328I are available in a variety of colors (blue, metallic silver, black, and white, with a wealth for luxury used car features. Leather seats, front fog/driving lights, heated windshield washer jets

CarFax buyback guarantee is available on most of the luxury used cars at the Florissant dealership Cross Keys Auto. The program enables our customers the confidence that they are not buying a preowned car riddled with costly repairs and defects, ” discloses a luxury used cars specialist.  

Luxury used cars for sale

2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 is among dozens and dozens of luxury used cars for sale at used cars Florissant dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Red, beige and gold are a few of the classic colors of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 that used cars Florissant dealer current shows in its inventory.Used car prices on the luxury used cars for sale at used cars florissant start as low as Used car prices on the luxury used cars for sale at used cars florissant start as low as

Used car prices on the luxury used cars for sale at used cars florissant start as low as  $13,995. Well, that’s what the price of a used 2006 Cadillac CTS (full loaded) is currently priced at Cross Keys Auto.

All the used Mercedes at Cross Keys Auto used cars Florissant Dealer include hassle free financing on models such as the CLS500, C350 Sport, C-Class Sport, CLS550 and more.  To see more preowned Mercedes, please click> “luxury used cars for sale” to access the showroom.

Facts to Know About Buying a Used Truck

Used Truck Dealership Tracks Consumer Information

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 O'Fallon, MO 3D7JB1ET2BG612566

Used trucks from the top leading manufacturers are on sale at used truck dealership Cross Keys

The top selling new and  used truck are...
Five brands dominate the new and used truck industry. The top sellers are Ford, Chevrolet/GMC and then Ram, trailed by Honda and Nissan.

How to evaluate the work truck?
Consider buying a used truck according to your professional needs. How will you use the pick up for work? Will you be using the ruck to tow vehicles, transport construction equipment or to move other heavy cargo? Then, a full sized heavy duty pickup truck will suit your needs.

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with a 4WD used truck on sale at used truck dealership, Cross Keys Auto.

When comparing used trucks, make note of the vehicle’s maximum cargo capacity.
Heavy duty trucks tend to burn more fuel than  smaller pickups. If you’re buying a used truck to commute to work only, a light duty truck is practical for gas mileage.

However, you may be shopping for a used truck to tow a trailer, fifth wheeler or boat for weekend and other excursions.  And if you have a family of four, a crew-cab model with four doors or an extended-cab will do the job.

When is a four-wheel drive important on a used truck?
Four wheel drive pick up trucks suit short distances  off road, in deep mud or snow.

Average used truck prices are…
New or old previously owned, trucks range from $15,000 to (more…)

Which Florissant Missouri Used Cars Dealer Makes Auto Loans Easy?

Photo Credit: James Broad - http://www.flickr.com/photos/46493200@N00/4089058932/in/photolist-7ekuL5-7fZt8P-7ipeJt-7jQ57Z-7k4JML-7mNvGW-7oNifC-7qnmyo-7qpXnb-7uvfES-7v88KZ-7vJmC5-7wGZKF-7wMyPE-7XmBf8-a14QY8-apwrM7-89nn4n-dqxAVP-8QzBAd-bQEydi-eENVQU-eCHrfL-aDoqw9-aLc1Di-ddJTMs-a1Kvv5-8NDsCi-9XsJYc-8Gn8yD-dSbNxt-bDcTVP-aBQjTR-bB3W8o-9kN8s4-7KVuuF-8cNKve-bd1XpM-9s3bZx-8d34oQ-aaWBzK-aoZctg-8wQ36b-dmxWeq-8FUuWK-8FUvpa-7TiyMU-cPH1uy-af8JFP-8mpRU6-ae6GCH

Equal Opportunity financing for all driving ages, races and credit ratings.

To some cynical shoppers, it’s unfathomable that a Florissant Missouri used cars dealer could sell quality used cars and easy financing. And with a behind the scenes look, several telltale signs indicate how a reputable used car dealership approve auto financing.

Auto loan financial affiliations
“A reputable auto dealer should have at least a handful of lending institutions to underwrite car loans. To ensure the best chances of financing, car buyers should look for used car dealers with a variety of auto loan affiliations. This improves the chances of securing an auto loan, regardless of ones credit report, ” advises a financial specialist at the Florissant MO used car dealer, Cross Keys Auto.

Years in business.
Pop up dealerships come and go. These shadowy organizations prey on poor credit consumers, selling vehicles with questionable titles. Some illicit Florissant Missouri used cars dealer sell salvaged parts, which is illegal in Missouri.

Cross Keys Auto has been licensed in Missouri for almost two decades. The Florissant MO used car dealer appears to have a content customer following, coupled with dozens of auto loan financing companies.

A decent vehicle inventory.
“Judge a Florissant Missouri used car dealership by its used car inventory, A selection of unsavory cars suggests uncertain business practices.” divulges an insider at Cross Keys Auto.

What type of criteria does the Florissant MO used car dealer have for buying its inventory? Does the vehicle have to pass any type of inspection? Most consumer advocates recommend that a   (more…)

How to Drive in a Flood

Concept Car Rinspeed sQuba

Rinspeed sQuba, Concept Car

Florissant Used Car Dealers  Storm Safety Driving Tips

Unlike  the Rinspeed sQuba new concept car, vehicles are not intended for land and underwater navigation. In Florissant MO, floods are common in the spring. In 2011, the Missouri River and its tributaries flooded thousands of acres of land in Atchison County, other surrounding towns and states. As an advocate of safety, Florissant used car dealer Cross Keys Auto highlights the following driving safety tactics for manning flood water.

Safety Tips for Navigating Floods

The following are important points to remember when driving in flooded conditions:


Rinspeed sQuba handles floods and other underwater maneuvers, seamlessly.

  • Avoid navigating any standing water of five inches or more as water depth is difficult to  gauge. In serious flood conditions,  some roads collapse.
  • Six inches of water has the ability to make a vehicle lose control.
  • Flood water levels of 1-foot or more–have the ability to float an automobile
  • Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) not immune to the (more…)